Promise of a New Day

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Promise of a New Day

Kris & Lark take you to visit places far and near with sweet vocal harmonies, sounds of harps, trombones, bird songs, talking fish and happy drum beats. Their magic sound carpet takes you up high then lets you gently down, eyes open to a new world.

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The Ballad of the Salmon People

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Salmon Cover

 Kris & Lark communicate the significance of bio and cultural diversity through a colorful and informative, story-telling style of presentation. This unique music with its bold sensual rhythms, harmonized lyrics, rap, and trombone solos is feel-good stuff.

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    Alluring sounds of flutes, trombones, drums, harps and other whimsical instruments are used to make compelling melodies  from ancient scales. Travel from India to China, to Africa and  the Middle East, to North America, to special experiences inside.

Join us in our journey with our first instrumental album, nineteen pieces of music including Mystic Quest, Saturn, Xi'an, Midnight Caravan, In Time & Space, Yaqui Well, and Shaman's Dance.        

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Mystic Quest - Kuimba


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Salimu! Heshimu! CD cover, artwork by Bella Peralta Flavors of Africa and the Americas coalesce in exotic  rhythms and Swahili, Kilesi and English vocals for a  mellow upbeat mood. Overall, this very unique CD  invokes the jubilant aura of village festivities. This  CD is dedicated to Indigenous and Creative People  everywhere whose purpose is to live a life of  Beauty — despite a world gone mad. Kuimba (koo  eem' bah)  means “to sing or to make music” in  Swahili. The   lyrics on this album are written in Congo  Swahili or  Kingwana (keeng gwah' nah), a dialect of  Swahili  spoken in the northeastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, where Lark Bowerman was born and lived until the age of eighteen.

The songs on this CD are: Hakuna Matata, Congo River, Happy Drums, Giza, Funga Roho, Itendey Wambuti, Kutembea, Mawingu, Dawa Mutamu, Kacheche, Lolwa Wambuti, Salimu! Heshimu!, Itendey Song, Kesa Na Mie.

A portion of the profit goes to the Okapi Conservation Project which helps the Wambuti (Pygmies) by protecting and preserving the Ituri forest where they live.

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Salimu! Heshimu! - Kuimba


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 Meet the mystical, mysterious mountain from which    Coyote, according to Miwok Indian tradition, created  the world. Through close harmony vocals, guitar and  drum rhythms and recorder solos, meet some of the  denizens of the mountain. Kuimba's third CD, is filled  with fun, upbeat, as well as contemplative music. This  EP length recording (26 minutes) commemorates  Mount Diablo, which is located near San Francisco,  California.

This re-issue of the CD is packed with changes. For starters, a whole new dynamic version of the title track. In addition, Mount Diablo hasnew vocals and vocal harmonies on some tracks, and added background instruments. It has also been newly REMASTERED.

The songs on this CD are: Mount Diablo, Milkweed Seed, My Friend The Blue Jay, Coyote (poem), Mountain Meadow, Meeting Owl, Rock City Ramble.

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Mount Diablo - Kuimba


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MAWINGU - I REMEMBER AFRICA: CDMawingu CD cover, artwork by Candy Wooding

“Creative, original blendings of instruments and voices provide a unique and richly satisfying musical opportunity. Combining ethnic music with contemporary sound could be tricky, but it is done successfully here, achieving a mood of depth and beauty.” - Heartsong Review

Our first and well-loved CD with the 'hit' Kacheche (original version).

The songs on this CD are: Mawingu (original version), Breeze, Hakuna Matata (original version), Crickets, Si Cheza, The Pygmies Song of the Hunt, Shaman's Dance, Rainforest, Kacheche (original version), Watu Ya Zaire, Majesty.

A portion of the profit goes to the Okapi Conservation Project which helps the Wambuti (Pygmies) by protecting and preserving the Ituri forest where they live.

OUT OF PRINT. Our record company, Two Ravens Records,has released the majority of instrumentals from this CD, remastered, on the instrumental only album, Mystic Quest. Plans are in the works to re-release  Mawingu - I Remember Africa. If you would like to purchase a collectable CD, try or for new or used copies. The song Kacheche (the original) is on a collection CD called Celtic Harp Magic: Harpers Hall Collection: The Gift CD. See the links below to purchase Kacheche on this CD.
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Kacheche - Celtic Harp Magic


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“We have received your new CD and want to thank you.  We love it!  I forgot what a beautiful voice you have. Just so you know, I don't think you sound like anyone.  You are just your own amazing artists.  But for the sake of the request I suggest Angus & Julia Stone.  I think people who enjoy them will enjoy you.”
Melissa Matthews, British Columbia

“Thank you Lark & Kris for your inspiring, beautiful music! With much appreciation…"
Karen McCombe, New York

"The cord that THE BALLAD strikes in my heart is one of music that brings out a deep sense of community, people saying: Hey, this is us. …. The human spirit that will never be snuffed out – no matter the adversary."                                                    Samm Musoke, Nova Scotia

"I fell in love with Lark and Kris’s music the first time I heard it. It has an uplifting, inspiring quality which as a musician and songwriter I appreciate. Subsequently after my grandson was born I started playing him songs and he loved them. We had many a good time dancing to songs and once he was walking and talking he would request the music again and again and loves to dance and/or drum along. Thank you Lark and Kris for your gift of music to the world."                                    Suzanne Lichau, Oregon

"Dear Lark and Kris,
I'm writing on behalf of the South Fraser Gogos ( to thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our Potluck Evening. You made the Grandmothers welcome quite spectacular and one I'm sure they will remember.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of your music and singing and seeing everyone up dancing is a sight I'll always remember. Wishing you all the very best,                       Jesse Pringle, Go Go Grannies Co-coordinator, British Columbia

"Kuimba weaves a magical spell with their enchanting melodies, mesmerizing harmonies, and penetrating lyrics. The music is at once universal and uniquely personal . . . the musicians share themselves with their audiences in an intimate and moving manner."                                       Julia J. Heydon, PhD. Music, Former Music Director, Oregon Shakespearean Festival