So… there's this Lady. I call her Ms. Universe — or just Ms. Uni for short.

She lives in a dimension we shall call "Happiness Land." Her life is, well… Fun! She does what she calls Plurk every single day that she doesn't rest. And she rests when she needs to.

(Plurk, by the way, is a word made up by mixing two other words — play and work — because she while she wants to get things done, she never wants to be bored!)

One day she decided to plurk  as usual. But this particular day she had an enormous, I mean really, really BIG inspiration to do something that would be beyond wonderful even. It would be gorgeous, magnificent, extraordinary, intelligent, and full of love!

She stepped into her kitchen, a beautiful kitchen where she loved to cook, and began to whip up the biggest batch of cookie dough that has ever existed. She mixed, and kneaded, and and tasted, and mixed and kneaded and tasted until this batch of cookie dough became totally magical. With it, she could create anything at all that was in her imagination. And so she began rolling out the dough…


When Ms. Uni finally finished plurking that day she was so happy with what she'd done, that the very next thing she did was write a song about it and invited all of the people and the creatures to join in singing, dancing, wagging tails, clapping hands, chirping, cawing, scratching, croaking, swimming, jumping about or whatever they wanted to do — just like you're invited to do when you listen to the recording here.


Here's how the song goes. It's called…


Ms. Universe rolled out some dough
Made cut-out cookies an’ put ‘em in a row
Made mountains, continents, rivers too
Platypus, Orangutan and Kangaroo

She said, “I make ’em all the same
By playing the same initial game
Those chocolate babies all in a row
Come from the same primary dough.”

…Vanilla wafers tasting great

Posing delectably on the plate…
And on she went with her design
Inventing every different kind

Brown ones, yellow ones, all in a line
Made in rhythm and keepin’ time
Dancin’ aroun’ and feelin’ good
Jus’ like ev-e-ry baby should

Sing along with the Chorus here!

Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!
     Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!

The sun she made with warmest hue
The moon with silvery-shining too —
Sprinkled some stars out in the sky,
And birds and bats to go flying by.

She made the dark to give some rest
And the great big Monster of Lock Ness!
She made the desert just to see
What sand would look like without a tree

She made the big wide-open plains
With miles and miles of golden grains
Then trees that never before were seen…
Fragrant lime and tangerine

Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!
Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!

…Forests all over everywhere
Full of possum and skunk and bear
Scent of pine tree in the air
Timber wolves with a den to share

The caribou trekked in the North
The Arctic tern came flying forth
And in the South, the Penguin tribe
Had a ton of fun on a seaside slide

Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!
Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!

Clap your hands, there's a drum break here…

Steamy jungles sprang up now
Nobody really quite knew how
With orchids growing from the air
And jaguars with an orange flair

This is getting exciting! Let's pick up the tempo and DANCE!

She made some crickets to go in thickets
Singin’ a song that went all night long
Made the bees to pollinate trees,
Frogs in the bogs and slugs on logs.

Serpents twined among the vines
The Army ants formed up long lines
And high in the forest canopy
The monkeys had a jamboree!

Zebras showed up dressed in style
Warthogs ran in single file
Hyenas skulked with all their wiles
While in the Nile swam the crocodiles

Lions lingered in the shade
While Wildebeest were being made
and other beasties by the score
And more & more & more & more!

Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!
Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!

She made the seas with full intent
To have no creature ever pay rent
A home for every fish and crab —
With plenty of space and time to gab

She set up oysters close to shore
At low tide they would close the door
And limpets clinging to the rocks
Were fit to handle any shocks

Orcas showed up in a pod…
Cod fish swimming off Cape Cod
And in some lovely coral reefs
Swam octopi with all eight feets

Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!
Oh, Ms. Uni, what did you do!

Ms. Uni said, “What I have done
Is made some creatures to have some fun!
And those sandy beaches rolled in the sun
All come from the same original crumb.”

What have you done! What have you done!
Ms. Universe what have you done!

All come from the same original crumb
All come from the same original crumb
Original crumb, original crumb
Now I am done! Original crumb…

© Lark Bowerman


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“We have received your new CD and want to thank you.  We love it!  I forgot what a beautiful voice you have. Just so you know, I don't think you sound like anyone.  You are just your own amazing artists.  But for the sake of the request I suggest Angus & Julia Stone.  I think people who enjoy them will enjoy you.”
Melissa Matthews, British Columbia

“Thank you Lark & Kris for your inspiring, beautiful music! With much appreciation…"
Karen McCombe, New York

"The cord that THE BALLAD strikes in my heart is one of music that brings out a deep sense of community, people saying: Hey, this is us. …. The human spirit that will never be snuffed out – no matter the adversary."                                                    Samm Musoke, Nova Scotia

"I fell in love with Lark and Kris’s music the first time I heard it. It has an uplifting, inspiring quality which as a musician and songwriter I appreciate. Subsequently after my grandson was born I started playing him songs and he loved them. We had many a good time dancing to songs and once he was walking and talking he would request the music again and again and loves to dance and/or drum along. Thank you Lark and Kris for your gift of music to the world."                                    Suzanne Lichau, Oregon

"Dear Lark and Kris,
I'm writing on behalf of the South Fraser Gogos ( to thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our Potluck Evening. You made the Grandmothers welcome quite spectacular and one I'm sure they will remember.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of your music and singing and seeing everyone up dancing is a sight I'll always remember. Wishing you all the very best,                       Jesse Pringle, Go Go Grannies Co-coordinator, British Columbia

"Kuimba weaves a magical spell with their enchanting melodies, mesmerizing harmonies, and penetrating lyrics. The music is at once universal and uniquely personal . . . the musicians share themselves with their audiences in an intimate and moving manner."                                       Julia J. Heydon, PhD. Music, Former Music Director, Oregon Shakespearean Festival