Butterfly - single/cover



Translucent, apple-green, dotted with gold, a perfect jewelled chrysalis hangs so elegantly from the low-hanging branch of a Mimosa. Enchanted with its beauty, wide eyed, the child breaks off the branch.

Perhaps the most extraordinary treasure she has ever possessed, she carries the chrysalis home. There, so carefully, she places it on the window ledge in anticipation of the magical moment when the butterfly will emerge.

The days pass. She waits. Nothing happens.

She waits yet another week. Slowly the chrysalis loses it’s translucent sheen, its gold and green. Black spots begin to form on it. The beauty vanishes. The life is gone…

Heartbroken, she carries the branch outside and places it on the earth, quietly crying.

Years pass…

She’s now a grown woman. Her life is busy but she finds time to walk. Traveling along a trail in the woods one day she pauses for a moment to rest near a sapling tree by a babbling brook. She makes herself comfortable on a cool rock when suddenly… there it is again! That translucent, apple-green chrysalis dotted with gold, hanging so elegantly from a slim branch.

But this time she knows. She studies the cocoon carefully, making a note of its exact location before continuing on her way. She goes back home but at every opportunity finds her way back along the trail to observe the progress of the chrysalis.

Slowly it begins to turn clear in color and she can begin to see the Monarch Butterfly’s form inside. And finally after four weeks, knowing it would soon emerge, she arrives, panting just in time to see its first movements.

By now she has learned that to help a Butterfly come out of its cocoon means to weaken it so it can never fly. So she sits very still watching it slowly emerge. Soon it stands on its wobbly new legs, slowly fanning its still wet wings to dry them.

She waits and waits patiently, spellbound…

Finally… the butterfly spreads its brilliant, magnificent, colourful wings, dancing freely away into the air to sip and enjoy the nectar of the splendid Milkweed flowers growing along the stream’s edge. She muses on their beautiful exchange — the Butterfly, receiving sweet nectar, and in return giving the plants the gift of pollination and seed bearing.

Feeling light as air, herself she dances her way back along the woodland trail… free as a Butterfly.

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“We have received your new CD and want to thank you.  We love it!  I forgot what a beautiful voice you have. Just so you know, I don't think you sound like anyone.  You are just your own amazing artists.  But for the sake of the request I suggest Angus & Julia Stone.  I think people who enjoy them will enjoy you.”
Melissa Matthews, British Columbia

“Thank you Lark & Kris for your inspiring, beautiful music! With much appreciation…"
Karen McCombe, New York

"The cord that THE BALLAD strikes in my heart is one of music that brings out a deep sense of community, people saying: Hey, this is us. …. The human spirit that will never be snuffed out – no matter the adversary."                                                    Samm Musoke, Nova Scotia

"I fell in love with Lark and Kris’s music the first time I heard it. It has an uplifting, inspiring quality which as a musician and songwriter I appreciate. Subsequently after my grandson was born I started playing him songs and he loved them. We had many a good time dancing to songs and once he was walking and talking he would request the music again and again and loves to dance and/or drum along. Thank you Lark and Kris for your gift of music to the world."                                    Suzanne Lichau, Oregon

"Dear Lark and Kris,
I'm writing on behalf of the South Fraser Gogos ( to thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our Potluck Evening. You made the Grandmothers welcome quite spectacular and one I'm sure they will remember.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of your music and singing and seeing everyone up dancing is a sight I'll always remember. Wishing you all the very best,                       Jesse Pringle, Go Go Grannies Co-coordinator, British Columbia

"Kuimba weaves a magical spell with their enchanting melodies, mesmerizing harmonies, and penetrating lyrics. The music is at once universal and uniquely personal . . . the musicians share themselves with their audiences in an intimate and moving manner."                                       Julia J. Heydon, PhD. Music, Former Music Director, Oregon Shakespearean Festival