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I don't know how many times a day in our household, you'll hear me, Lark, saying to Kris, "I don't understand you. What are you talking about?"

And Kris will patiently, or sometimes not so patiently, repeat what he's trying to say in different words. Most of the time this works and sometimes, well… after a bit of frustration… with more questions and answers, we finally get it.

Coming from my experience as an astrologer we found a way to explain our communication dilemma. Mercury, planet of communication, is in a confusing relationship between our charts. Now Mercury (also the Trickster) is a planet that loves a puzzle, so for him it's an interesting placement. For us…???

Well, often Kris sounds to me like "The White Mouse Talking Backwards," and to him my responses sometimes make him wonder if he didn't marry a complete idiot! You can see where a lot of the work in this relationship comes in!

So to keep everything moving smoothly along, music — listening to it, creating it, playing it together — helps us, literally, create harmony. (Well, we think it helps in any relationship.)

Anyway, we really enjoy the puzzle of creating new pieces of music together and on our new release, The Ballad of the Salmon People, we've recorded a song called, Sandpiper's Dream, which took us to the outer edges of complete "bafflement" (yes, I made up that word) at times.

Kris came home one day from a walk on the Lighthouse Park beach at Point Roberts where he had a mysterious encounter with a Sanderling whom he'd observed standing, one leg tucked, just relaxing… dreaming… by the Ocean.


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So he came home humming and singing the words that had come to him then. He sang it around the house for the next few weeks but when nothing else came to him, he asked me if I could write some verses to go with it.

Another Astrological phenomenon was occurring around that time as Neptune, god of the sea, transited over the sign of my ascendant, which represents my physical, social persona. We ended up moving to a house right on the Bay to work for Fabric Artist, Evelyn Roth, helping her run her business while she was in Australia.

Evelyn makes fabulous carnival sculptures out of fabric — huge, colorful "tents" in the shapes of various animals that become magical environments for music and story-telling.



as Neptune, god of the sea, transited over my ascendant sign, living in an enormous house on the waterfront with working space big enough to house a monumental-size tent in the shape of a vividly colored Salmon!

Was I dreaming??? Of course! Wide Awake! (And by the way, Neptune is also the planet of dreams and synchronicity.)


Inside the Salmon Tent

Evelyn had also suggested, at that time, that I write a song about the Salmon. The Ballad of the Salmon People took shape then and now, finally after many years and voyages on the seas of self-discovery, has become the title track on this new CD.


We were having plenty of opportunities to observe flocks of Sanderlings navigating the air currents above the Bay. On days when the Sun shone brightly, making Mt. Baker's snowy crown sparkle, it was easy to see flocks of Sanderlings moving with dazzling precision over the water. They seemed to be of one mind, possessed by a Genius of artful and articulate communication (no dis-conjunct Mercury here!) creating a magic flying carpet of shifting patterns at lightning speed.

I'm sure you know what I mean!

So creating and performing this song became somewhat of a ritual act of communication between Kris and I.

My lines were so dis-conjunct with Kris' lines as he began to set them to music, that they ended up in a different tempo… "The Boy from California" meets "The Girl From Africa" and they "don't speak the same language."

Well, after a lot of careful consideration, hundreds of hours of practice, many more hours recording, we managed to pull it off.

Give a listen and see what you think:


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Sandpiper's Dream on Forest Halls Celtic Radio #21

Sandpiper's Dream Lyrics


I dreamed I was a Sandpiper standing on the shore,
knowing there’s no more
Knowing there’s no more to life
Than standing on the shore

Sunshine in a sky of blue,
King *Komo Kulshan gazing down.
He’s an extraordinary view with
Snowy jewels on his crown

Chorus: I dreamed I was a Sandpiper

Above the waters of the bay
A magic carpet glides,
Upon it’s feathers white and gray
An unseen Genie rides.

The pattern wracks then disappears.
I watch with baited breath
When suddenly it reappears
From it’s uncanny death.

Chorus: I dreamed I was a Sandpiper

Then piloting it’s unseen guest,
Hastily touching down,
A flock of  Sanderlings at rest
Is standing on the ground.

Chorus: I dreamed I was a Sandpiper

*Komo Kulshan is the First Nations' name for Mt. Baker.

© Kris and Lark Bowerman

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“We have received your new CD and want to thank you.  We love it!  I forgot what a beautiful voice you have. Just so you know, I don't think you sound like anyone.  You are just your own amazing artists.  But for the sake of the request I suggest Angus & Julia Stone.  I think people who enjoy them will enjoy you.”
Melissa Matthews, British Columbia

“Thank you Lark & Kris for your inspiring, beautiful music! With much appreciation…"
Karen McCombe, New York

"The cord that THE BALLAD strikes in my heart is one of music that brings out a deep sense of community, people saying: Hey, this is us. …. The human spirit that will never be snuffed out – no matter the adversary."                                                    Samm Musoke, Nova Scotia

"I fell in love with Lark and Kris’s music the first time I heard it. It has an uplifting, inspiring quality which as a musician and songwriter I appreciate. Subsequently after my grandson was born I started playing him songs and he loved them. We had many a good time dancing to songs and once he was walking and talking he would request the music again and again and loves to dance and/or drum along. Thank you Lark and Kris for your gift of music to the world."                                    Suzanne Lichau, Oregon

"Dear Lark and Kris,
I'm writing on behalf of the South Fraser Gogos ( to thank you so much for your fantastic contribution to our Potluck Evening. You made the Grandmothers welcome quite spectacular and one I'm sure they will remember.

Everyone enjoyed the rest of your music and singing and seeing everyone up dancing is a sight I'll always remember. Wishing you all the very best,                       Jesse Pringle, Go Go Grannies Co-coordinator, British Columbia

"Kuimba weaves a magical spell with their enchanting melodies, mesmerizing harmonies, and penetrating lyrics. The music is at once universal and uniquely personal . . . the musicians share themselves with their audiences in an intimate and moving manner."                                       Julia J. Heydon, PhD. Music, Former Music Director, Oregon Shakespearean Festival